This Mom Needs...To Tell The Story Behind The Brand

This Mom Needs...To Tell The Story Behind The Brand

Hi! Welcome to This Mom Needs first blog post! As this brand grows I want to be completely transparent and share my experiences on the highs and lows of running a new business while raising a newborn and a seven year old!

This Mom Needs was created after I was constantly asked after giving birth "What Do You Need" or "What Can I Do For You" and I remember thinking if you only knew what I needed I would package it up and share it with the world. Well my snarky comment turned into a real business and here we are! This Mom Needs is a collection of products that were created for Mom's to enjoy, pamper themselves with, and to make them smile.

Growing up I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit but never truly took the leap of faith and pursued my dream of being an entrepreneur. After graduating college with degrees in Accounting and Marketing I soon realized I did not want to pursue a career in either of those fields. My true dream was to use those degrees to become an entrepreneur and eventually that's exactly what I did. In 2018 I opened my first candle business with my sister which was a success and a true passion project. We learned, we laughed, we bonded and it was a great experience. But after giving birth to my second son I wanted to start a new venture that encompassed where I currently am in life and somehow combine Motherhood, business, and my hobbies all together and that is what This Mom Needs is all about. Taking all my expertise in candle making, my degrees in business, and my experiences in Motherhood and creating beautiful items I can share with all Mom's.

I hope to share all of my experiences in Motherhood and business through this blog and I hope your along for the crazy ride ahead.

Until next time because This Mom go catch up on sleep!

-Tionna Twyne

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