Commitment to Conscious Fashion

Commitment to Conscious Fashion

Choosing what you wear can become an extension of who you are. This Mom Needs has a core focus on providing beautiful feel-good products to Mom’s while staying committed to delivering sustainable and eco-friendly products too. We want our fashion to be conscious so Moms can look good while also giving back to the planet! So yes, Moms can save the world!

What is Conscious Fashion?

Conscious fashion is apparel and accessories that are produced with sustainability at the forefront of the process. When producing a garment, a commitment to it being ethically made is important while also ensuring sustainability is prioritized. When fashion is produced consciously our environmental and carbon impact is lessened.

Our Commitment to Conscious Fashion

All our products at This Mom Needs are produced on demand. To help with sustainability efforts when your order is placed your garment is then printed or embroidered and then shipped to you. Making products on demand rather than producing them in bulk helps reduce overproduction. When we overproduce clothing, they can potentially end up in a landfill and have a negative impact on the environment.

When we talk about conscious fashion it also is reflected in our purchasing decisions. When purchasing higher quality items that are well made, we can wear those pieces repeatedly. As a result, it reduces our need to purchase new items regularly and plays a part in our conscious fashion efforts. Our company offers premium products that are made to be worn, washed, and worn again and again.

As Mom’s we must stay committed to helping the world with sustainability for our little ones. If we can make a small change in our fashion, it can have a major impact on our little one’s futures. Keep conscious fashion on your mind Mama!

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